Journeying Faithfully Podcast Trailer

Healing and Disability- Series 1, Episode 5 Journeying Faithfully

In this episode we have two fantastic guests; Fr. Mark Turner and Rev'd Vanessa Layfield. Using their wealth of knowledge we explore in this amazing conversation what healing and disability can mean to us in our own faith journey. We look at everything from the bible to personal experience. The following references were made in this episode: Accessibility Audit: Chester Diocese, Disability and Inclusion: Disability and Jesus: Disability Awareness Service–12-september.php Nancy L. Eisland (1994), The Disabled God Philip Yancey (1990), Where is God when it hurts: Vanessa Layfield's email address: Show notes can be found:
  1. Healing and Disability- Series 1, Episode 5
  2. Healing and the Eucharist- Series 1 Episode 4
  3. Bonus Episode: Mental Health Week
  4. Healing and the Gospels
  5. Whole Life Discipleship: Faith, Improv and what to do with the 95% of time when we're not in church

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