Are you on a faith journey? Do you want to find out some creative and fun ways to deepen your faith?

Join us on our journey to look at new and exciting ways to deepen our faith. Each season on our podcast we will explore different aspects of faith, from health to family life, and see in what ways we can use the messiness of life to connect better to God, to each other and our own spiritual journey.

How can you get involved?

Getting involved is easy. You can either sign up using the ‘Join Page‘ to hear about our latest podcasts and blog posts or follow the podcast on any of your favourite podcast streaming devices.

We also love to hear from you. We want to hear what you have been up to and how you are connecting your faith to everyday life. To do this use the contact page or like us on Facebook and post a message on there! We look forward to hearing from you.

Who are we?

Josh Askwith

Josh, a Church of England priest in the Chester Diocese, has a passion for leadership and reconciliation. Vicar to a large parish on the edge of Stockport he can be found drinking good coffee, reading books, or out and about with his family and his dog, Bea.

Ashleigh Askwith

Ashleigh has multiple passions. She is currently training for ordination (to be a priest in the Church of England), whilst being a full-time Mum to her whirlwind daughter. In her spare time she also is training in baby massage, baby yoga and toddler yoga to stop her getting too bored and watching rubbish television.

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