Bonus Mini Episode: Mental Health Week

Show Notes: In this bonus mini-episode we explore mental health in relation to discipleship for Mental Health Week. Josh and Ash briefly look at how those who face mental health difficulties can also face stigma not just in the world but also in the church and briefly discuss their own experiences with mental health. MentalContinue reading “Bonus Mini Episode: Mental Health Week”

Series One: Episode 2: Healing and Discipleship

A look at healing in the Gospels and what it could mean today Below are the show notes for this weeks episode: Unknown 0:09Well, hello, it’s nice to have you with us for this month’s instalment of the journey and faithfully podcast. I’m Josh. And I’m Ashleigh, you know I nearly said I was actuallyContinue reading “Series One: Episode 2: Healing and Discipleship”

Journeying Faithfully Podcast

Our podcast came about because we want to connect more people to their faith in new and creative ways. We want to use everyday life, from health to family, to explore what is happening out there, what does the Bible say and tentatively suggest new ideas. Each new podcast will appear on the podcast page,Continue reading “Journeying Faithfully Podcast”