Series 1, Episode 5: Healing and Disability

Episode Link Click here for episode You can find the YouTube version here: Show Notes In this episode we have two fantastic guests; Fr. Mark Turner and Rev’d Vanessa Layfield. Using their wealth of knowledge we explore in this amazing conversation what healing and disability can mean to us in our own faith journey. WeContinue reading “Series 1, Episode 5: Healing and Disability”

Series One: Episode 2: Healing and Discipleship

A look at healing in the Gospels and what it could mean today Below are the show notes for this weeks episode: Unknown 0:09Well, hello, it’s nice to have you with us for this month’s instalment of the journey and faithfully podcast. I’m Josh. And I’m Ashleigh, you know I nearly said I was actuallyContinue reading “Series One: Episode 2: Healing and Discipleship”